Remove Watermark 0.8

Simple watermark removal tool that works on a variety of media formats

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    Task Bar, Start Menu & Explorer

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7

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    6.0 (39)

Remove Watermark is a program used to help remove watermarks from applications that place them in to protect ownership.

Features and Purpose

There are a number of ways that software developers protect the ownership of their programs and content. One such way is with watermarks, a virtual stamp that shows up in the background of copyright protected applications. These watermarks show up not only on software that is protected but also on documents and photos.

Remove Watermark is a program designed to help people get around these security measures. As the name very clearly states, Remove Watermark remove watermarks from photos, documents and programs. It doesn't have any other tricks or uses, but it is very effective at quickly removing watermarks.

The great thing about Remove Watermark is that it's able to remove a watermark without editing or changing the quality or content of a photo or document. This is great because there are other watermark removing tools out there that end up changing the picture or document slightly to remove the watermark.

Remove Watermark is also super simple to use. Users just have to select the item that they want to remove the watermark from. After that, the program takes care of the rest. The process of removing the watermark is super fast. Remove Watermark even lets users save a duplicate file in the event that something goes wrong.

The biggest problem with Remove Watermark is debate over whether the program is morally right. If a person is trying to remove a watermark from something, then it's likely that they don't have the rights to use whatever it is they are trying to use. Maybe it's not their picture or they are using a trial piece of software that sticks watermarks on all their pages. Either way, bypassing the watermark allows them to use something that they have no rights to use.


  • Removes watermarks without distorting the picture or document
  • Simple to use
  • Saves a duplicate file before removing the watermark


  • The program probably will not be used for good by most people

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